Geek Magnet - Review

Geek Magnet

by Kieran Scott

A funny and quirky read to relax! 
This book it a typical story about highschool drama, it was full of all kinds of clichè super cheesy. But it was so cute making my inside go fluffy, throwing any kind of reason and self control out of my window  tuning me into an overexcited teenager.

The story talk about KJ miller, she is a really nice girl maybe to nice having the Can't Say No Syndrome; thanks to that she draws some geeky undesirables close to her. But the mean girl is gonna teach her how to grow a spine! And there is where the drama began...
Kieran Scott is a good writer making you love even such a simple, predictable book. The structure was really smart, dividing the book in acts, instead of chapters, making it a play; since also the most of the plot revolves around the rehearsal of  Grease.

I did really enjoyed it, it's a good, funny, quick read! 4/5 stars

Here is a little peek into the book:

(KJ Miller is) a genuinely moving heroine. Publisher’s Weekly

Readers will recognize the many-sided issues related to popularity and courage as they are addressed in this clever story about a play that is itself a play. KLIATT

Written in a chatty, chick-lit style, complete with realistic teen-speak. School Library Journal