Crimson Bound - Review

Crimson Bound

by Rosamund Hodge

This book is been so controversial for me, I couldn't get my head clear on loving it or not.

Let's start with what this book is about. The story should be a retelling of Little Red Hood but as in her other book, Rosamund Bound, gets far away from the original story building her own unique universe. 

The heroine and narrator of this story is Rachelle, who carelessly keep on strays from the forest path to meet our "wolf", a forestborn, who will mark her bonding her to die in three days or choosing to become herself one by killing someone. Rachelle decide to live and she will regret her choice throughout the book.
The story twists are all over the place, but I did find them quite predictable. The tension never leaves and the author make you doubt if there's gonna be an happy ending. 
It is clearly the work of a good skilled writer, but I kept on having the feeling that there was something itchy about this book. I think that I just didn't come to like any of the characters, they didn't appeal to me, even though we had a strong complex protagonist I detested all the characters surrounding her. The love relationships were frail and not relatable for me, I would have prefer them to follow another direction.

The negative feelings are just personal it's definitely a good book and I'm sure lots of people will love it! 3.5/5 stars