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Wires and Nerve (Vol. #1) by Marissa Meyer, illustrated by Douglas Holgate - Review

Wires and Nerve  

by Marissa Meyer, illustrated by Douglas Holgate

The Lunar Chronicles are back with this first volume of the graphic novel illustrated by Douglas Holgate. If you loved the series you are certainly gonna enjoy this!

In this adventure we follow Iko, the sassy android from the Lunar Chronicles, on a new dangerous adventure. 
The Plot starts from where we left, or just a bit farther in time: a few months have pass since Cinder and her friends saved the world, but there still a lot of work to do. Both Luna and Earth needs rebuilding and establishment; Cinder is struggling to be acknowledge as queen by the lunars, not to think of the packs of wolf-hybrids that have gone rouge on earth. This is when Iko gets in, she takes it upon herself to hunt down the soldiers' leader. She will soon be working with and handsome royal guard - if you have paid attention  in the series you would have gasp the attraction between her and You-Know-Who, starts with a K.- who forces her to question everything she knows about love, loyalty and her own humanity.
We still get a glimpse of all our other beloved characters - new Luna's queen Cinder, her lover and Common Wealth's Emperor Kyo; Scarlet and Wolf at the farm; Winter the new ambassador for Luna on Earth, tailed by her beloved stalkerish guard Jacin; and the one couple I was waiting for: Cress and Thorne traveling and delivering the cure, for the lunar disease, to all earthen.

I was happy to see all the old character, but it was even more delightful getting to know better Iko, since we don't have her full perspective from the series. End what a spicy android she is! Funny, girly, caring, end at the same time a kick-ass character, terminator style. What appears from this graphic novel is that she is more similar to a human than a robot. Her feelings are strong, they don't feel like the product of program. Seeing her starting to fall in love was the cherry at the top of a Sundae.
The story was simple and good, but what I wasn't in love with were the graphics. I did find the drawing to simple and scratchy, not really the style I like.

All in all it was nice and I will pick up the rest of the volume.

3.5/5 STARS


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  1. Dang it! And I thought I could read this before the whole series. I guess not. Silly me.

    1. ahaha, well u could try but it will be hard to follow XD. The series is fast to read and really good, you should give it a shot!


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