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HAMLET by William Shakespeare - Review


Another book I finally got to read and analyse for my english literature course, and what an amazing surprise. I've always  found Shakespeare boring and sentimental but this time having taken my time in reading this amazing tragedy I was able to enjoy it fully.

Since it's a classic the story should be known to everybody so I'll be brief in my summery. Prince Hamlet just got back from Germany to assist at his father's funeral, while his mother Gertrude has already remerried. The Queen has wed the Hamlet's uncle Claudius the dead King's brother. To Hamlet this is a "foul incest" and already he suspect that some "foul play" is behind the death of his father. One night his father ghost visits the  castle and Hamlet's suspicions are confirmed. His Uncle poisoned King Hamlet in his sleep, and now young Hamlet must revenge him. From this moment on Hamlet's soul will be divided on how to revenge his father and "taint not thy mind".

This is the starting point for the tragedy, I loved how the play starts right of in darkness and ends in it there is no salvation the whole state of Denmark is rotten. Even the pure Hamlet is in the end corrupted by the society he lives in. It might be a play more than 400 years old but it still bring modern theme as alienation, relativism and life struggle. We might not have to face a murderous uncle but we are put everyday in front of hard decisions, we might struggle to choose and in the end we to has Hamlet have to make a compromise with the society we live in.
If from one side this play reflects upon how little and insignificant a life is to the other side it makes u look at how big and full of possibilities the universe is, how everything is relative and our way of thinking and looking at things makes them what they are .

-"I could be bonded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space"-

It's a wonderful, modern play and having read a few others Shakespeare's play I can say that this is my favorite above all. 
I also felt like it was necessary to see it play out and I found a stunning performance at the National Theater Live by Benedict Cumberbatch, that deserve a look. My eyes were in love with the costumes, the scenery and Benedict. Here are some pics, get a look!!!

National Theater Live Trailer:

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