Eleanor & Park - Review



Rainbow Rowell knows perfectly how to warm your heart, her books are relatable; she is able to make you feel like an insecure teenager all over again.
The story is set in the '80, it brings us in the universe of Eleanor and Park. She is a chubby red-head girl with a  weird sense of fashion and a malfunctional family, she is totally out of luck in her life until she meets Park; he is a nice guy who is getting through high-school without the bullies attentions, having a nice family, living a quiet peaceful existence until he meets Eleanor. Their meeting on the bus will change their lives  forever, they will feel love and loss, they will start figuring out what they are and what they want to be. 
It's a wonderful novel about growth, it's not the typical chick flick story but much more: it's funny, weird and heart warming.

I loved this book, the characters, the romance, the writing it all was well balance and felt so real. If you never read a Rainbow Rowell's book you should start now, she is a master of contemporary!
4.5/5 Stars.